Why choose VA? 4 tips to help you analyze!

There are two types

    There are two types of LCD monitors in the current market. If you look closely, you will find that they have similar styles and the same colors, but there are big differences in internal quality. In addition, a LCD panel accounts for 80% of the cost. It is also the reason why it has to be mentioned. Displaymate is one of the main authority on display (input and output device) panel technology. It has awarded the highest A+ rating for the pixel3xl screen, praising factors such as color accuracy and screen reflectivity.

Panel type is important


    We know that many factors such as the output, pros and cons of LCD panels are related to the quality, price and market trend of the LCD input and output devices themselves. The panel type of the display device also determines its response time, color, viewing angle, and contrast. The performance and quality of this LCD device can be seen from the LCD panel. The panel is a flat and thin panel on which the display device places the screen, which directly affects the viewing effect of the screen. When you are buying a display device, some display devices are the same as other products in terms of size, resolution, backlight type, etc., but the price is hundreds of dollars higher, so it is very likely that a wide viewing angle panel will be used.


178° wide viewing angle to release colors from any angle


    Displays using wide viewing angle panel technology are generally considered to be relatively high-end, with a wide viewing angle of 178°, releasing colors at any angle, making the overall picture more realistic and more saturated in color, and fully meeting the needs of daily office, audio and video entertainment, etc. The user presents a clear and colorful vision from multiple angles. Its advantage lies in the contrast. The va panel has the highest contrast among all LCD panels, usually reaching 3000:1, while the contrast ratio of tn and ips is only about 1000:1.

Panels are mainly divided into three categories


    At present, the LCD panels are mainly divided into three categories, namely tn, va and ips. The va panel can be divided into two types. From the technical concept, VA panel (VERTICALalignMENT) is a vertical orientation wide viewing angle active matrix display technology The principle is to add protrusions to form multiple visible areas, because the liquid crystal molecules are not completely arranged vertically in a static state. After voltage is applied, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged horizontally, so that light can pass through each layer.

Post time: Jan-21-2021

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